The workshop

This workshop is organised by students with a diverse set of interests in non-equilibrium quantum and statistical physics. A unifying concept between their research topics is localisation, and its applications, in quantum systems. WoLQS includes three 2-hour lectures on different aspects of localisation. Each lecture will include a one-hour introduction to the topic and a one-hour talk on the speaker’s current research. This workshop is supported by CANES, the EPSRC, Overleaf, the Institute of Physics, and King’s College London.


CANES is the EPSRC doctoral training centre for Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Systems, based at King’s College London. It aims to provide training in, and to study, non-equilibrium phenomenon in a broad range of subjects. Doctoral training focusses on theoretical modelling, data analysis and simulation techniques, and is applied to diverse topics such as networks, finance, landscape change, protein folding, and non-equilibrium quantum dynamics.

Organising Committee

Evan Sheridan, Stefano De Nicola, Riccardo Margiotta, Aldo Glielmo, Duncan Gowland, Davide Facoetti, Carla Lupo, Jason Myers, and Gerard McCaul.


The organising committee are thankful for the contributions of Dr Joe Bhaseen, Prof. Peter Sollich, Prof. Yan Fyodorov, Dr George Booth, and Dr Cedric Weber. Moreover, we would like to extend our thanks to Overleaf for their sponsorship. Also, a special thank you to Dr Valeria De Marco for invaluable advice and help.